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About Boas Family Chiropractic

When you step into Boas Family Chiropractic, you realize this is where you and your family were meant to be. It’s not only about providing the skilled services of Dr. Kara Boas, an experienced Chiropractor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, it’s about the passion she and her Team have to enrich the lives of each patient.

Whether you are thinking about becoming pregnant for the first time or expanding your family again, we can help prepare you and your body for this joyous next chapter. In addition to pre and postnatal care, we also offer traditional Chiropractic Care to help our patients live an active, pain-free life.

Proudly, from newborn to those in their golden years, we have made a difference in the lives of so many people in our community, and continue to do so. By integrating Chiropractic Care and Functional Integrative Nutrition, patients are thrilled that they can finally reduce and eliminate pain, boost immunity, improve athletic performance and/or increase mobility. Give your body what it needs, find it at Boas Family Chiropractic.

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