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There are various therapies and treatment options offered at Boas Family Chiropractic. Care may include ultrasound therapy, ice therapy and moist heat therapy. In addition, a Transcutaneous Electrical Verve Stimulation or TENS Unit is available, which may be covered by insurance.

Dr. Kara Boas adjusts the neck of a chiropractic patient in her Morganville, NJ office

Chiropractic techniques include:

  1. Spinal Adjustment: The primary technique, used by chiropractors, to remove nerve interference in the spine restore structure and function so the body can heal the way was designed to. Spinal adjustments provide relief from many conditions some of which are common but not limited to neck and back pain. The brain and the spine make up the central nervous system (CNS) and they control everything in the body. Therefore, through the spinal adjustment brain body connections are restored and the body is working at its optimum potential.

  2. Activator Method: The activator method is a small hand-held instrument that simulates a spinal adjustment at specific spinal levels. This device is used as an alternative for patients that have contraindications to manual spinal adjustments. It is gentle enough to use on babies and toddlers. This method is very specific and great results with extremities have been seen. 

  3. Gonstead Technique: Utilizes specific techniques and tools (visualization, palpation and x-ray analysis) to locate and correct vertebral subluxations. This technique is often utilized for children, pregnant women and those in their golden years.

  4. Diversified Technique: Manipulation or adjustment to help correct a subluxation, allowing the body to function properly. It entails a high-velocity, low-amplitude thrust. A “popping” sound may be heard, as joint function is restored.

  5. Active Release Technique: Soft-tissue therapy to help reduce stress placed on joints and nerves.

  6. Pelvic Blocking: Cushioned wedges, placed under each side of the pelvis to help treat herniated discs, as well as hip and lower back pain. By correcting imbalances, other symptoms may also experience relief (shoulder pain).

Studies estimate that 85% of Americans will suffer from disabling low back pain at some point in their lives.

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