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Wellness care specifically refers to the steps taken in order for a person to achieve optimum well-being. These may include actions taken to prevent diseases or illnesses that the patient may be susceptible to, such as hereditary diseases. However, they are not used primarily for the treatment of an existing disease. 

It is vital to be proactive it one’s own health and evaluate lifestyle habits - such as participating in regular exercise on most days (with your doctor’s approval), providing the body with proper nutrition (fuel) and hydration, eliminating harmful habits (nicotine, excess alcohol), getting adequate sleep and reducing stress. Key to wellness is integrating Chiropractic Care and Functional Integrative Nutrition.

A healthy middle-aged woman sitting with her crossed arms resting on her knees on the beach. Dr. Kara A. Boas's office in Morganville Square is located a short drive from Jersey Shore beaches.
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